"I Stand Before You Naked II is a thoroughly re-created vision of my play, which was first performed in 1990. The Women's Expressive Theater has re-structured the original play of thematically related monologues into achoral piece that both relates and suspensefully suspends the narrative. Where the structure of the original play might be said to be "vertical" - each of the women's monlogues self-contained - this new version might be said to be "horizontal." Connections are experiences.

In this way "I Stand Before You Naked II" is more complex and "difficult" than in its original version, and out of the audience's engagement with this added complexity there may arise unexpected links and moments of dramatic revelation. Rarely do we "stand before you naked" in actual life. Only in art, and specifically in the living art of theater, do we transgress, and overcome, the artificial boundaries that contain us"

- Joyce Carol Oates, November 1999