At the opening of scab, Anima has hit rock bottom. an intoxicating drama queen, she is immobolized by the death of her father. Christa, her new roommate, is a straight laced academic studying the women of the Belle Epoque. These unlikely heroines are drawn together into a unique and intense friendship that profoundly affects their lives. With a talking Virgin Mary lawn ornament, a bloodthirsty plant, a three-headed academic monster, and a mom stuck in a 1950's sitcom (via video projection), a simple love story is turned into a macabre comic strip of splashy color and gritty subtext. Ultimately, this unconventional dark comedy is a story of how love and wisdom can rise out of grief and darkness.

The World Premiere of SCAB
written by Sheila Callaghan
directed by Hayley Finn
produced by Sasha Eden and Victoria Pettibone

WHERE: The Greenwich Street Theater, New York City
WHEN: February 23rd-March 16th, 2002
WHO: Shannon Burkett, Anne Carney, Flora Diaz, Sasha Eden, David Wheir