Equal opportunity still does not exist in the entertainment industry.

Only 17% of theater productions in the US are written by women
Only 16% of theater productions in the US are directed by women
Only 15% of film directors, producers, writers, and editors in the US are women.
Only 20% of film studio executives working in the US are women*


Additionally, the representation of women and girls in the media is often based in stereotype, and sets up impossible and unhealthy expectations women and girls feel they must live up to.

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According to studies, Women and girls of all body types are equally and negatively affected after viewing pictures of models in magazine ads for just three minutes**

Teen-age girls who viewed commercials depicting women who modeled the unrealistically thin-ideal type of beauty caused adolescent girls to feel less confident, more angry and more dissatisfied with their weight and appearance.***


If we continue to accept the under-representation and misrepresentation of women in the media, an industry that defines and reflects our culture, then we are responsible for supporting and perpetuating inequality.

This is not a woman’s issue, this is a human issue.



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