"Still Laughing in 2003" by Elise Kleinman

I love comedy, I mean, who doesn't? I love watching people laugh, especially when I know that I played an integral part in inflicting that laughter. That is the reason I chose to produce "Laugh 'Til you WET your Pants" in July of 2002. The show exceeded my expectations! Gotham Comedy Club was packed, the comediennes were hysterical and the audience laughed for two hours straight. People talked about the show for weeks, even months and then it dawned on me…

How could I stop there? The potential of this show was much greater than any of us WET ladies envisioned originally. So, I was determined to make the next show even better. Months before the proposed date for "Laugh 'Til you WET your Pants…Again" I started my search. I searched for a bigger location, more comediennes, and more support from local businesses.

"Laugh 'Til you WET your Pants…Again" took on a life of its own immediately. Meeting Mark Alonso, the owner/manager of Gramercy Comedy Club, was fate! Just as WET was trying to expand their fan base, so was Gramercy. Mark gave me the opportunity to book the talent (as opposed to Gotham, who did all the bookings). This allowed me to get to know the comediennes early on and really have an impact on who ended up on our stage. Mark introduced me to a whole new world of stand-up, strengthening the breadth and diversity of the show.

For those who are wondering, yes, producing a show like this opens you up to a lot of ridicule and abuse by the comediennes. Even my own mother was grilled. But all of WET will agree that even Judy Gold's act, which could be titled "WET girls are psycho obsessed with email", just made the evening more personal. Maybe next time I'll have to get on stage and do an act…and no, I didn't just do all of this for a free drink at the strip club next door!

Elise Kleinman recently moved to Chicago where she is working as a freelance commercial producer for G Whiz (a New York based Commercial Production Company).

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