kerry "By using the film series and discussion groups as a vehicle for self-exploration and communal sharing, these young women are being given a safe space within which they can evolve and become intelligent, courageous, thoughtful members of society that they are meant to be. It is a privilege to be a part of a program that uses the power of art and of media in such an empowering way."

-Kerry Washington ("Save The Last Dance")


"A Risk Taker is someone who has made a change in their life that can better them. I take away a sense of confidence / knowledge of awareness of people around me. I have met wonderful women here and I feel like I have the ability to take risks and be okay with whatever happens."
- 10th grader, The Beacon School

"My mentors were great. Not one topic or issue was left unnoticed. I felt fulfilled just being there and speaking my mind. They allowed me to do that, which was wonderful and refreshing."
-10th grader, Urban Assembly Media High School

"I am taking away from the program the knowledge that it is important for my voice to be heard."
-11th grader, Friends Seminary

"It was simply amazing, I felt so confident in voicing my opinion...I'm more confident in what I say and how I act."
- 11th grader, Coalition School for Change High School

"I speak up more not just here but at school and at home...I can't wait for next year."
-10th grader, Urban Assembly Media High School

"I was never interested in directing, producing, or writing scripts. The program has introduced me to successful women in those fields and broadened my horizons." -10th grader, Elisabeth Irwin High School

"...I voice my opinion way more than I ever did before...I have more insight."
-11th grader, Coalition School for Social Change High School

"I've learned to look beyond the surface of a film and look for it's message. I've also realized how many negative stereotypes there can be in the media that we don't really notice, but do affect us."
-9th grader, Baruch College Campus High School

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"The best part of this program is how awesome it is to get to watch a movie and then discuss it with all these different people. It brings so much to the whole experience of watching a movie and it really makes you think".
- 10th grader, Pascack High School

"I loved the experience. I love expressing myself and hearing about other people's opinions and getting to know people."
- 10th grader, Bayard Rustin High School

"I've truly gained a perspective that allows me separate cockiness and ego from confidence and sense of self."
- 12th grader, Professional Performing Arts School

kerry"I believe the RISK TAKERS series shows how we are all the same person. Regardless of our backgrounds, we have the same fears. Risk Takers is encouraging young girls to take responsibility for their futures using positive risk-taking and leading by example."

-Michelle Monaghan ("North Country")

judy"Once again I've been invited to the program WET. I gathered my thoughts and experiences and had the best time, these girls are so smart and mature and could teach me a thing or two. Once again I came out feeling good, it was the best therapy session ever. Damn these girls are good!"

-Judy Marte ("Raising Victor Vargas")

judy"It was my pleasure to support WET and participate in WET's RISK TAKERS Series. The girls in the program are so insightful, and it was clear from the way they discussed the films that they were beginning to understand the effect the media has on our culture, and how they can choose to be influenced by it or not. I enjoyed their candor, maturity and energy. WET has tapped into something very powerful with this program and I am proud to have been a part of it. I look forward to seeing the program grow, and supporting WET as it helps New York City's teenage girls grow into strong, savvy, informed and courageous young women."

-Mary Louise Parker ("The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford")


"I learned to never be ashamed of being me."

"I realized what an impact (media) can have...It's good to have frequent discussions with women. It's empowering."

"I loved the talk backs! So much insight, wonderful discussion, and learning opportunities."

"I would love to produce a film on women because I never thought media had such a great influence."

"I learned girls and women can be just as empowered as men and that we can make a difference in the community".

"I learned I have to stay true to myself and if I have a dream, go for it!"

"I loved my small group meetings because I got to express myself in a very safe environment and hear what other girls my age had to say."

"This program teaches you not to be afraid of new things. It's okay to learn new things and form your own opinions on them."

"A Risk Taker means not only making goals, you have to take risks an go after them."

"I've seen other viewpoints and learned. I've taken things in from the girls that I can grow with."

"I've become more open and able to say things that I would not have been able to say before. I learned confidence."

"Being a Risk Taker is about being courageous, independent, and intelligent.




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