"To the lovely ladies of WET!

As you all know, I just moved my whole life out to California. Not that a recent college grad has much that they have to move! I was able to get a job right away at Title 9 Women's Sportswear (I think I notice a trend), where I work in customer service answering phones and taking orders. I would have never been able to do this job if I hadn't gained the confidence from making cold donation calls with WET! Now it is a piece of cake (well mostly).

I have already been promoted to their email team, due to my letter writing skills (also thanks to WET). One day my boss told me to construct an email to send to a customer and then she was going to correct it and send it out from her email. Right after she read it, she emailed me back and told me how great my writing skills were, and that I would be a great addition to their email team.

I haven't had much time to look into theatres out here, but I plan on doing that once I'm a little more settled into both this job and my apartment. There are a few theatres near me in Alameda which I might look into, and then there are all the others throughout the San Francisco area

I guess most of this email was just to thank you guys for helping me build up the skills that are now helping me in this job and will help me in all of my future career goals. The internship helped me so much and it was very appreciated."

Much love and support,

-Molly, Spring 2008 Intern

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